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Client-Centered Therapy for Children, Teens, Families, and Adults

An integrative approach that is trauma-informed, evidence-based, and family systems oriented.


Individual Therapy

When I work with any individual, regardless of age, background, or circumstance, it is my goal to understand their story in the context of their life through whatever medium they choose to express themselves.

Play Therapy

Just as adults communicate through speaking in talk therapy, children communicate through playing in play therapy. In the playroom, toys allow children to say what they cannot say with words.


Family therapy can help you and your family (family of choice or family by blood)  understand one another better and learn how to better communicate. 

Caregiver-Child Therapy

While individual therapy for your child is highly beneficial, greater change often comes when parents and caregivers learn how to be the therapeutic agent in their child’s life. 

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